– b e e r l i s t –


(all pours 12oz. on draft)

#1 classic lager $5
abv 5.2%
this multiple award-winning beer finishes clean and crisp

 #2 amber ale $5
abv 4.9% 
hops: willamette and centennial
light easy drinking low alcohol with a beautiful red color and a light roasty

 #3 blackcurrant gose $10
abv 8.1%
this purpleish, deep berry smelling brew will leave your mouth watering

 #4 belgian style triple aka the tow truck $8
abv 9.1% 
pear, apple and peach aromas lead to light spice, low – malt and fruity belgian flavors that finish up dry and effervescent.

 #5 sweet orange wit $7
abv 5.5%
this unfiltered wit with light malt taste will remind you of a freshly cut sweet orange

 #6 cold brew coffee milk stout $8
abv 7.1%
rich creamy coffee and roast malts lead to a sweet finish in this medium bodied cold brew

 #7 hazy ipa $8
abv 6.7%
hazy 8 is a super juicy double dry-hopped craftacular brew teeming with grapefruit, pineapple and dark fruit notes

 #8 chile ipa $7
abv 7.5%  
hops: citra, amarillo
light hop and earthy chile aromas set the stage for hatch chile flavors