greetings from the chef —

Allo!! In the kitchen, I am a detail oriented Chef who is highly efficient, and always hungry for more. I was born and raised in the North of France where I grew up in the kitchen helping my father who is also a chef. I studied culinary arts and hospitality at Lycée Michel Servet de Lille for four years and then left the kitchen to serve in the army. After the army, I followed my heart back to my passion for cooking which has brought me all over the world. My cooking travels has given me such a widened perspective on culture and food in all facets. I landed in Los Angeles five years ago and haven't look back since.The sky is the limit when I am working in the kitchen and I am focused on truly achieving everything I've set to do in my life.

The future is very bright and I look  forward to all that it brings, Bon App!!